Here are ruled out ideas and scrapped content in Crusaders of the Lost Idols similar to Clash of Clans/Clash Royale what Erika said we have no plans to add any content to this game.

  • Ruled out - idea that has not been "cancelled".
  • Scrapped - content that has been cancelled.
    • Pay-to-win Crusaders to become available via missions (ruled out/scrapped)
    • Undead Tag (ruled out, possibly scrapped)
    • Another use for rubies (might possibly be scrapped)
    • The additional stats that are provided on the new ICotFR reset page are you considering adding them to the CotLI page (possibly ruled out, may be possibly scrapped)
    • Remove Idol Debuff (scrapped)
    • Secondary Legendary Effect (ruled out, possible to be scrapped in the future)
    • High Tier/Rarity higher than Legendary, like Ultimate or whatever (ruled out, possible to be already scrapped in the future)
    • Multiplayer Features (ruled out, possibly scrapped in the future)
    • Challenge Tokens available via missions (ruled out, possibly scrapped in the future)
    • More effects on Legendary items (ruled out, might be scrapped in the future)
    • Offline progress to the PC version of this game (ruled out, might possibly be scrapped in the future)